Payroll Services

Optimal Denetim specializes in providing outsource payroll services in Turkey. We offer payroll and payroll related services, plus oversee social security operations in Turkey. We also offer payroll, social security and withholding tax services for the expatriate staff of foreign investors, registration of new employee and related information.

Our Services in this area are as follows;

  • Personnel and operating data processing
  • Keeping ready for use and update the information such as identity for the use of the human resources department, staff photos, education, department, department changes, title changes, address information and other information may be subject to assessment for the company
  • Payroll preparation, calculation, including all details
  • Any official calculation, reporting and declaration concerning payroll
  • Forwarding to the owners of personnel payrolls
  • Bank Payments
  • To inform client of tax withholding and social security payments
  • Communicate to official authorities for any relevant changes to employee’s status
  • Monthly submission of payroll sheets.
  • Following up processes such as Premium, advance payment, fulfilment and so on
  • HR support processes
  • Giving answers to the questions of the staff until the company’s management as appropriate concerning payroll accounts and applications
  • HR Management processes
  • Social Security office operations
  • SSI Start and termination processes
  • İŞKUR operations
  • Management and computation of departures
  • Payroll Process Consulting
  • Consulting on Labor Law and implementation, warning on required issues, giving information about the legal practices and changes.