Company Formation – Registration Services

Company Formation (Establishment – Registration) Services


Our services in this area;

–      Establishment of local and foreign companies and branches,

–      Spin-off (partial or full ) and stock Exchange operations,

–      Acquisition and share transfer process,

–      Company Statue changes

–      General assembly, capital increase & reduction operations,

–      Amendments of articles of incorporation consulting services,

–      Company re-organizations comply with the Turkish Commercial Code No:6102

–      Company liquidation operations consulting,



Establishing a company in Turkey 


If you would like to have a massive domestic market, competitive labor and low costs, you should do business in Turkey. Besides, you can understand why foreign investors want to invest in Turkey better. Establishing a company is the main factor in doing business; which enables you to protect the stability you need and your assets. Establishing a firm will be the most profitable and reliable business decision that you have made so far provided that it is made paying attention to details and done properly.


Investors who open a company in Turkey need to register the new business entity at the Company Register in Turkey. There are Trade Registry Offices throughout the country which are managed by the Turkish Chamber of Commerce according to law.


Any company in Turkey must be registered at a Trade Registry Office in the city where the company is based. This is mandatory for all types of companies in Turkey, whether incorporated by foreign or local investors.