Tax and Financial Legistlation Consultancy&Services

Tax and Financial Legistlation Consultancy&Services

The services provided by the Tax Legislation Consultancy Department housing experienced Certified Public Accountants, SMMM and expert auditors.

True tax planning and maximum compliance with legislation provides to capturing for sustainable growth of the economy and companies.

The main aim of the service is to identify the accuracy of the Corporate Tax payable and to fulfil the principle of public interest. Certification service reduces the risk of any tax inspection and ensures the identification and correction of faulty implementations in advance. With the tax strategies we set, we help you reach your targets. Thanks to the current computer Technologies and internet network, we can provide service on time wherever you are. We can give tax and legislation support on any matters.

Full Certification Services : 

  •  Audit of the official books and documents and financial statements within the framework of tax legislation,
  •  Control of the compliance of tax statements with the legislation,
    •    Correction of the mistakes identified in the audit process and overcoming the deficiencies,
    •    Control of the compliance of the corporate tax statement with the legislation, issuing a full certification report,
    •    Reporting the mid-term financial statements to the administration.

    Other Certification Services:
  •  Identifying whether the Capital is paid or not,
    •    Identifying the Positive Differences regarding the Equity Items in the Inflation Adjustment
    and Approving the Capital Addition
    •    VAT return and offset transactions, deductions
    •    Certification procedures for the Earnings exempt from Corporate Tax,
    •    Certification procedures for the Account Statements to be Submitted to Banks for the Provision of a Bank Loan and Letters of Guarantee,
    •    Certification procedures for the Investment Allowance,
    •   Other audit & certification reports described under sworn CPA and CPA legislations ,  in accordance with the Tax Procedure Law and the Law No:3568.

Advisory services

  • General Tax Advisory
  • Current information about changes in legislation, circular Services / Regular updates on changes in legislation
  • National and international tax planning
  • Promoting legislation related application consulting / Consultance on tax incentives & exemptions
  • Support and advice relating to tax disputes / Support and consultance in tax insolvency & litigation
  • Foreign capital legislation and foreign investment Consultants / Foreign capital & investment advisory,
  • International Tax Planning: Tax planning for the foreign companies to invest in Turkey or Turkish companies
  • Providing Financial Consultancy Services,
  • Inspecting the Compliance of the Legal Records with the Tax Legislation
  • Examining the Financial Statements,
  • Controlling the Tax Statements
  • Providing Consultancy on Foreign Capital, Incentives, Foreign Exchange and Free Zone Legislation.