Labour Law&Social Security Consultancy

 Labour Law And Social Security Consultancy

 Although all partners and employees of the Company Interests without exception, due to frequent change of the relevant legislation on the subject and its special literature is becoming mandatory for support.

The legal relationship of the company with employees, labor law, social security for the future  and today are connected to certain rules with social security legislation.

However, both of very frequently change the relevant legislation behalf of to respond to the evolving needs and both subjects  own literature is  become distressed the practitioners. Our approach in this regard is to ensure that first of all fulfill legal obligations of both parties without distinction of employer-employee. In doing so, if there are alternative applications, when we are offer and identify the most appropriate to the subject and situation , aim to keep up to date the applications. Managing this area well under law not only  allows fulfillment of the legal requirements, but also brings offered chance to benefit from the many opportunities.

Social Security and Labor Law Services

.  Continuous consultancy services in the field of labor and social security law
.  Services for the preparation of internal workplace regulations and employment contract according to the working model.
.   Services related to controlling and preparation of employee’s personnel file
.  Services relating to mergers and acquisitions and the closure of workplace and workplace registration.
.  Counseling and pre-auditing services related to minimum workmanship and reconciliation
.  Consultancy services in employment incentives
.  Monitoring and reporting services for sub-contractor business and operations related to compliance with labor and social security legislation
.  Consultancy services in the process of appeal to the administrative fines and premium differences
.  Services relating to preparation for the inspection , examination to be served and issuing for inspection of the business records and documents,
.  Services related to resolution of labor disputes and cancellation of labor contract
.  Consultancy services relating to foreign workers employment matters
.  Labor and social security legislation support and circular services.

.  Identification and analysis of the current situation with regards to labour law and social security applications.

.  Be made in present Settlement of disputes between the company and employees and preventive actions for cases possible.

.  In the case of closure, merger and division of workplaces to assess the current situation