Human Resources

Human Resources Consultancy

All consultancy services you need, both personal and corporate, are proviced in the human resources field which is one of the most important areas of business life.

  • Business management and Business Analysis
  • Human Resources Planning
  • Performance management
  • Salary Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Work Legislation and Social Security


Companies can be successful by force of knowledgeable people who also dreamer.The quality and ownership of human resources  will directly affect the quality of companies life.

Primarily  to work up company into preferred priority company for working and than  to make the right choice from the candidates for the position of the right, and evaluate and manage the performance of existing employees and to keep high the corporate performance in all conditions

Contrary to assumption, management and human resource management is a strategic and remarkably complex issue.

Our consulting approach to  management of our Human Resources; is a general management approach which respect the personality rights of the employees.and is to create a modern working environment that can provide added value to companies and partnerships

Our solutions;

– Organizational efficiency analysis

– The analysis of employee’s competence and capability

– Counseling for choosing and placing manager and personnel

– Human Resources strategic management plan

– Career planning and organizational backup

– Create a talent pool

– Education Management